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It is so important for us to grow as Christians and this growth is the heart of WGRW!  Grace Radio brings you daily motivational programs that help you mature in your faith.  Programs like “Turning Point” with David Jeremiah, “Insight for Living” with Chuck Swindoll, and “Revive Our Hearts” with Nancy DeMoss encourage your heart and apply the Scriptures to your daily life.

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Do you hunger to know more about The Bible?   Do you desire to have a better understanding of God’s Word and what it means to you personally?  Are you looking for answers?  If so, then WGRW can meet your needs!  The    inspired teaching of men such as John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, Michael Youssef, and others will make the Scripture come alive with meaning!  These teachers will enrich your mind and spirit and help build up the foundation of your faith!

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Grace Radio 90.7 FM wants to be a part of your life and involved in the Christian community in the Anniston / Gadsden area.  We want to be the “Christian Information Source” in this area.  Send us your news about concerts, dramas, special events and other Christian happenings in the area.  We’ll do everything we can to promote Christian events in the Anniston / Gadsden area free of charge.

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Grace Radio, through our affiliation with The Moody Broadcasting Network, also brings you special programs such as Money Matters, Primetime America, and Focus On The Family with Dr. James Dobson. These and other special programs bring wise counsel and thoughtful solutions to our everyday lives.

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 [ _music /

Inspiring and worshipful sounds  fill the airwaves throughout the day and evening on Grace Radio.  Artists such as Mercy Me, Point of Grace, Nicole C. Mullen, Steven Curtis Chapman, and many others help tune hearts to Christ with wonderful music on both weekdays and weekends.  Grace Radio brings you the top Inspirational / Contemporary hits from the leading Christian performers of today!

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Finally, National News with a Christian focus!  WGRW offers SRN News twice every hour along with frequent national sports updates.  SRN also brings you live, breaking new reports.  The workday also features updated local weather forecasts.  In times of severe weather, Grace Radio 90.7 FM will be your source for the best information with live, up-to-the-minute coverage.

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 [ _background information /

WGRW "Grace Radio" 90.7FM is a ministry of Word Works, Inc.; a non-profit corporation committed to Biblical media and ministries. After beginning engineering work in 1993, WGRW was granted a construction permit from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in September of 1996, and received its license in June of 1999. We are licensed by the FCC as a non-commercial educational station that is prohibited from advertising. Furthermore, our corporate by-laws and IRS regulations as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity prohibit us from making a profit or benefiting our directors. Therefore, we are purely a Christian ministry that exists and functions for charitable and benevolent purposes only. We are totally dependent upon the gracious support and contributions of those whom God leads to join with us in this ministry.

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 [ _philosophy and policy /

We simply believe the Bible to be God’s Word for man! It contains His special revelation of Who He is and His plan for us. It reveals the supreme revelation of God, Jesus Christ, as God the Son and the Son of Man. Therefore, all that we do must be for Christ and His glory. We must proclaim and present His truth as applicable to all men for all things. Understanding and believing God’s Word as the only absolute truth and solution renews the mind and transforms believers into mature disciples. We feel that the "Great Commission" is also the "great omission" of the American church today. "Making disciples" is often substituted with only "getting decisions," whether real or not, by any method possible. Therefore, all that God has given us stewardship over, time, energy, resources, prayer, are committed to our goal to help us all grow into members of His body that are worthy of our calling.
We will not substitute entertainment for edification, nor that which is popular for that which is purposeful, just to be successful in worldly terms. Although we recognize that many matters of "taste" may require flexibility, any matter of absolute "truth" must be non-negotiable and rigid. We will endeavor to broadcast those things that challenge believers to think, to know what they believe and why. We will encourage believers to know the Christ of the Bible in real relationship, not "religion," and to make Him known through real discipleship, not just a "decision."
Furthermore, we will not engage in fund raising techniques that offend God, His name, or His people. We will operate as a "grace" ministry, providing services to anyone in need of them regardless of their ability to pay for them or of their capability to support the ministry.

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[ _ general station information /

Class A Station: 90.7FM @ 3000W ERP,  24 hours 7 days per week

Format: Christian talk and teaching; contemporary and inspirational music; news, weather and sports; non-commercial (no commercials or advertisements)

Network Affiliation: Moody Broadcasting Network (MBN)

News Network Source: Salem Radio Network (SRN)

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 2555

Anniston, AL  36202


Studio Address:

4265 Hill Street

Anniston, AL  36206


Transmitter Site:

1568 Collins Road

Ohatchee, AL  36271


Telephone: 256-238-9990

Facsimile: 256-237-1102

Website: www.graceradio.com

E-mail: jon@graceradio.com

General Manager: Jon Holder

Owner and License Holder:

Word Works, Inc. – a non-profit corporation



Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”  ~ 2 Peter 3:18


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WGRW is a proud affiliate of the Moody Broadcasting Network (MBN), and is your local source for their quality, Bible-based programming. Moody has always been "a name that you can trust," and we intend to support that strong tradition.

WGRW is your local source for the national news, sports and information from the Salem Radio Network (SRN). SRN news is the largest national Christian news source, and provides our listeners with nothing but the truth, and includes stories of particular interest to believers.

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Listener Supported

Your support of WGRW is prayerfully appreciated!  Listener-supported, non-profit, and non-commercial means we are not funded in the ways of a traditional commercial radio station.  We depend solely on the financial support of those wishing to share in the ministry of quality Christian radio.  After a time in prayer, if you, your family or business feel led to contribute to the ministry of Grace Radio, please contact us at the address and phone number listed below.

WGRW Grace Radio 90.7 FM

Post Office Box 2555  /  Anniston, Alabama 36202

Phone: 256-238-9990
FAX:    256-237-1102


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